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Monday, 14 November 2016

New version 4.4.3 SEP sesam - the best protection for all VMs

SEP’s Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery solution SEP sesam is especially well suited for heterogeneous IT infrastructures of any size. SEP sesam provides absolutely reliable protection for any company data and supports all virtualisation platforms, operating systems, applications and databases, up to SAP HANA, on physical machines and in virtual environments.

25 years of experience in the development of backup software, high quality and data protection standards and an attractive price-performance-ratio are just some of the facts about the multiple certified Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution SEP sesam.

With SEP sesam, the data of organisations and enterprises is protected 24/7 and always available. The new SEP sesam version 4.4.3 is one of the leading data protection solutions for VMware environments.

SEP sesam 4.4.3 Hot Topics

VMware Backups
  • Backup and Restore with full functionality
  • Performance Boost - data throughput 3x higher
  • Deduplication and Replication: Save network bandwidth and backup storage
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New Deduplication Features
  • Source-Side Deduplication for bandwidth-saving backups
  • Target deduplication now for virtualization platforms, databases and applications
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Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) Backup
  • First API-based Backup Solution for consistent data protection of RHV VMs
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 Atlassian JIRA Backup & Cloning
  • The world's first Backup and Recovery Solution for the entire Atlassian JIRA infrastructure, including all plug-ins and settings
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SEPsesam Web Dashboard
  • Easy-to-use online monitoring tool that constantly tracks SEP sesam operations and their state and provides key metrics of the backup environments
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