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Friday, 15 November 2013

Universities around the globe love Zarafa

And once again, in the last few weeks, two universities have decided to move to Zarafa. Zarafa welcomes the University of Stuttgart and the University of Namibia to the party!

The S Series - Smoothwall's powerful new appliances

Smoothwall are rolling out updated hardware: the S4, S8, and S12. These powerful 1U devices support both SWG and UTM so that you can rely on Smoothwall to protect your network for years to come.

Smoothwall's new policy test tool

With Smoothwall's new policy tester, you can now see exactly which web filtering policies are affecting a particular URL.

Smoothwall 64 bit roll-out

By the end of November, all users will have access to the 64 bit editions of SWG and UTM.

Force NoSSL on Google!

Google’s HTTPS-driven services have caused issues for organisations worldwide over recent months, allowing inappropriate content to go uninspected.