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Thursday, 18 July 2013

High availability and stability at nine locations of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection thanks to UCS

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection in Germany introduced UCS in 2006 and recently updated to UCS 3.1 in May 2013, thus profiting from the Active Directory functions which are available in UCS thanks to the integration of the free software Samba 4.

Smoothwall Announced Improved Mobile Clients for Windows and iOS

Users of our Smoothwall Connect remote filtering will be receiving improved clients for both Windows and iOS platforms, making the control of your devices’ web access easier and more comprehensive than ever.

Smoothwall Limit Bandwidth by ‘Who, What, Where, When’ policy

Not all abuses of Internet access revolve around inappropriate content - the consumption and monopolisation of bandwidth is an increasing problem for networks worldwide.

Smoothwall Reporting - A new high performance database and a more focused set of reports

We have seen some big changes in Smoothwall software during 2013 — and the next update is no exception This winter you will see a major upgrade to the reporting system arriving as an update. This will require some data migration - more on that later - but first, a bit of background.

Central domain management with UCS at Smith Engineering

The American construction consulting company Smith Engineering Company recently introduced Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and centralised its former five Samba 3 domains into one.

Friday, 12 July 2013

NoMachine 4 Beta 1 Release Announcement

NoMachine has announced the first beta release of the upcoming NoMachine 4 software. Redesigned to offer more functionality and a brand new intuitive user-interface, version 4 is completely revolutionising remote computing offering users new ways to access desktops, as well as share and control the content that's on them.