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Friday, 29 March 2013

Zarafa WebApp 1.3 available!

Zarafa has released the latest version of its enterprise web client, the Zarafa WebApp 1.3.
It brings drag & drop of attachments, advanced calendar overview and handling of connection loss to your browser.

Drag & drop of attachments. The new upload capability in WebApp, powered by HTML5, makes the mundane task of uploading files effortless. All users have to do is, select one or multiple files, bring them into the mail compose window and release them onto the message, in the empty attachment box.

Tooltips and labels in calendar view. Without the need to open an appointment, the added tooltips on calendar items enable users to see the meeting details such as organizer, attendees, time, location and recurrence immediately.

What people are saying about WebApp
"It is becoming increasingly important for users to have access to a communication platform with instant messaging and web meetings from the browser. Zarafa demonstrates its vision by delivering this". Ruud Stroet, IT Architect at PLUS. PLUS Retail is a Dutch supermarket chain with an annual turnover of billions of euros.

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